Jeep Wrangler JK Onboard Carrying System – Four Door Add-On


Doorless on New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

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Add-on feature so you can also remove the rear doors from your four-door Jeep Wrangler.

If you only remove your rear doors occasionally, you can leave these two wings at home to save space.

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There is a reason Jeep makes commercials with its Wranglers (and Gladiators) with their doors off; it’s one of the great joys of owning a Jeep. Getting rained on? Not so much.

My onboard carrying system uses two semi-permanent brackets that are attached directly to your frame via stock holes- there is NO drilling, bending, or hammering required. This rack works for stock plastic bumpers as well as after-market steel bumpers that are the same size as the OEM one and that use the same mounting holes as the OEM bumper. It will support up to a 35 inch spare tire.

Once the brackets are mounted, the rack can be attached quickly and easily whenever you want. When you are not using the rack, you can store it behind your rear seat with the included Bungee Balls.

If you are only removing your front doors, the rear door add-ons are easily removed to save space in the back of your Wrangler.

The installation video is nine minutes long (NO edits- it’s one long take) and goes from mounting the brackets, mounting the rack, and hanging the doors. Within three minutes I can completely unbutton my Wrangler. In four I can button it all back up- that video is here:

Also- you can pull a trailer (from boats to utility!) while your doors are on your rack- go to the beach or lake and bring your toys along while driving doorless!

This is made in Central Florida by AmeraTrail, a family owned company.

If you are NOT using a stock rear bumper, please contact me first. There are literally hundreds of different Jeep bumpers- contact me to make sure your bumper will work with my onboard carrier.

– You must have at least one external mirror when you remove your doors. External mirrors are NOT included with this onboard carrier.